JL 600

A 6 tonne logging winch designed for heavy use by farm foresters.

Capacity 6 tonne

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Type Three Point Linkage
Action Clutch drum, rope engaged
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The JL600 is a farm forestry logging winch rated to 6 tonne capacity. Designed for heavy duty use, it makes your tractor a capable and safe log forwarder for farm foresters wanting harvest and move large logs without requiring specialised harvesters or forwarders.

This winch features a clutch drum operated by a simple pull of a rope cable to engage and disengage. This allows safe operation from the ground away from the load, or from the tractor itself. A safety screen further improves safety when operating from the vehicle.

All TUFFASS Machinery winches are heavy duty forestry grade construction, and are specially designed to allow for safe and efficient operation.