Uragano Range

From 12m3 to 30m3 capacity, twin vertical rear beaters means the Uragano can spread across a wide area quickly.

Capacity 16m3

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Type Trailing
Action Rear Vertical Beaters
Spreading Product compost, manure, feed lot slabs, mill mud
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The Uragano is a high capacity, heavy duty vertical beater spreader designed for broadacre use. We believe it's the best value heavy duty spreader available on the Australian market for dairy or feedlot use.

The heavy duty chain floor is designed to consistently feed bulky loads without slipping - even when wet. The 16mm marine chain floor resists corrosion and reduces wear and tear. This is powered by an Italian made, heavy duty twin gearbox drive. The floor feeds material into 16mm vertical beaters, twice the thickness of standard. These high quality parts mean the Uragano can spread large loads up to 12m.

The Uragano is available in sizes ranging from 12m3 to 30m3. All models feature a heavy duty double thickness construction, yet are narrow enough to fit through standard gateways. A heavy duty drawbar spring supplied as standard helps lighter tractors manage larger loads. Combined with hydraulic brakes, it is easy to move around - or between - properties.

Other standard features include road lights, rear door hydraulic door, and removable beater section. This allows use of the Uragano as a hauling wagon.

The Uragano is perfect for spreading manure and soil wet or dry. It is particularly useful for dairy farms and feed lots, and cane farms spreading mill mud.

The vertical rear beaters of the Uragano make it a very effective machine to spread clumpy material like compost or manure for broadacre use.

It is particularly useful for dairy farms looking to make use of heavy feed lot manure - whether wet or dry.