With a large 5.5m3 capacity and chain floor, the double spinning discs efficiently deliver lime and manure.

Capacity 5.5m3

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Type Trailing
Action Spinning Disc
Spreading Product lime, granular fertiliser, seed, manure
Operating Requirements minimum 40 HP


The TUFFASS 5500 is a fully mechanically driven 5.5m3 twin disc spreader. Unlike "multi-use" spreaders, it is designed to consistently deliver high volume products such as lime, manure and gypsum.

The chain floor conveyor ensures a calibrated rate of delivery. Unlike a rubber belt conveyor, a chain ensures that material will continue to feed out without slipping. This is the case even when feeding heavy, wet material such as manure. A 3 sprocket drive supports the middle of the chain. This prevents wear from bending, improves feed out, and increases the lifespan of the machine.

Featuring a tandem axle with center pivot suspension, also known as a walking beam suspension. This ensures that more of the wheels are in contact with the ground, even in rough or steep areas. This makes the TUFFASS 5500 more stable, safer to operate, and reduces wear due to twisting.

The TUFFASS 5500 makes it quick, safe and easy to spread high volume materials. Overall, a perfect spreader for improving feed and soil quality for grazing or cropping.

All high quality components, specially made for TUFFASS Machinery in Brazil.