Jolly Self Loader

A 1m3 galvanized steel side delivery mulching spreader, with hydraulic self-loading mechanism. Perfect for compost and manure.

Capacity 1m3

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Type Three Point Linkage
Action Side Delivery Mulching
Spreading Product compost, manure
Operating Requirements 40 - 90 HP


The Jolly is perfect for those everyday jobs around the farm.

The hydraulic self loading mechanism can save an amazing amount of time. This is because you can load and deliver material with no other machinery required. For solo operators, there's no need to change to a bucket just to load up. Just drop the gate, scoop the material up, lift the gate, and spread.

The chute includes a cutting edge, so it can handle many jobs that might otherwise need a bucket.

Its compact size makes it easy to fit into tight spots, and at 330kg it is easy to store when not in use. The galvanised steel body is tough and can handle a knock or two: the Jolly is designed to work.

The side-delivery spinning disc system can efficiently spread material up to 5m. The mulching auger drive can feed both wet and dry material, including compost, manure and other bulky material.

All of this means the Jolly is perfect for orchard and row crops, including vineyards. It is well suited to deliver organic matter for soil improvement and water management. We were amazed to be able to deliver over 30 tonne of wet compost in a day single handed.

We have a full range of spare parts available, and the Jolly comes with a 12 month warranty.

The Jolly is a unique and affordable machine for those small farms with one tractor.

The self-loading mechanism saves a lot of time, reducing the need for a solo operator to change between machines.