Breva Extreme Macadamia / Avocado Sprayer

The TUFFASS Breva Extreme 3000L is a trailed airblast atomiser sprayer featuring a brass Catterin pump, double brass anti-drip nozzles and a unique, specially designed and tested conveyor designed for macadamia and avocado plantations.


BREVA 2000 BREVA 3000
Capacity 2000 L 3000 L
Delivery Rate 170 LPM (approx)
Pressure up to 50 Bar
Power 90+ HP
Fan Diameter 900mm
Pump Brass Catterin CP170K Pro
Weight 950kg (empty)


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The TUFFASS Breva Extreme 3000L Macadamia / Avocado atomiser sprayer is a robust and reliable trailed sprayer specially designed for use in Macadamia and Avocado orchards to deliver sprays thoroughly across the entire tree.

Featuring a brass Cattterin pump (model CP170K Professional), it delivers approximately 170 LPM at up to 50 Bar pressure.

The unique, specially designed conveyor features 20 double brass anti-drip nozzles, 8 high distance jets M60 for lower conveyor sections, 6 high distance jets M60 for upside on conveyor, and hydraulic regulation for both top conveyor sections.

Fitted with the highest capacity 900mm fan with 10 variable pitch blades, the Breva ensures the maximum height and penetration for the spray.

With a wide wheel base, galvanised steel frame and total emptying poly tank, the Breva Extreme is designed to be stable and reliable, even with a full load.

Other features include a full European safety upgrade, including hand wash tank and three-way circuit cleaning tank - perfect for quickly and easily clearing any blockages or excess spray solution.

Included as standard is independent electric control for each sides, and an in-cab control box.

The Breva Extreme is available as either a 3000L or 2000L model, and can be fitted with several optional accessories including computer controls, brakes, or a steering draw bar.

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