TUFFASS Machinery stocks a wide variety of agricultural spreaders and accessories including quality brass pumps, conveyors, high volume fans and anti-drip nozzles.

Our AGRI Economy Air Blast atomiser sprayers are a line of trailing, PTO-driven spreaders with polyethylene tanks ranging from 600 to 3000 litres capacity.

We also supply speciality designed conveyors such as our Breva Extreme sprayer which is designed specifically for use in the Macadamia and Avocado industries.

Many of our models come stock with heavy duty gearboxes, high performance propeller pitch adjustable fan blades, and hydraulic agitators.

With handy features like automatic tank fillers, hand wash tanks and full circuit flush tanks, our sprayers not only work hard, but make your life easier during the process.

We can supply a variety of optional extras including Catterin brass pumps, high volume fans, suction filler systems, brake systems, steering draw bars, plus a wide range of nozzles and conveyors for specialist applications.

AGRI Economy Air Blast Atomiser Sprayer

A trailed air blast atomiser sprayer with total emptying poly tank, available from 600 L to 3000 L

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Breva Extreme Macadamia / Avocado Sprayer

A 3000L trailed air blast atomiser sprayer with a unique conveyor designed for macadamia and avocado orchards

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