FTP260 Heavy Duty Mulcher

The FTP260 Heavy Duty Mulcher / Flail Mower is a robust three-point linkage mulcher featuring a maximum hydraulic side shift deck, 2600mm wide. Choose between heavy hammers or Y-blades for green prunings up to 80mm


Deck Width 2600mm
Power (HP) 60-100 HP
Full Width 2760mm
Depth 1100mm
Height 850mm
Weight 810kg


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The TUFFASS FTP260 heavy duty mulcher is a PTO driven three-point linkage mulcher / flail mower designed for use mulching green prunings up to 80mm.

At 2600mm wide, the FTP260 can be fitted with heavy duty hammers or Y-blades and includes a double thickness adjustable rear plate designed to ensure a thorough and consistent mulch. The FTP260 also comes fitted with a hydraulic side shift able to shift to the maximum available width, perfect for working close to larger trees and in orchard situations.

We have a range of different models available, ranging from 1000m to 3000m deck size. Many models support optional extras including hydraulically driven swing away mower heads available at 400, 600 and 800mm diameter.

All the FTP models have been designed and manufactured in Italy by Faustini, who have been making high quality mulchers and flail mowers since the 1930s. This experience can be seen in the solid build quality and attention to detail. For example - the extra grease nipples for heavy use components are a feature rarely seen on other mulchers, but helps to ensure you get the most of your mulchers for as long as possible.

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