Poultry Litter Conditioners

Frantumix from TUFFASS litter conditioners are the only machines in the world designed specifically to prepare and maintain bedding and litter for poultry including chickens, turkeys and ducks. Correct use can then maintain it as dry, crumbly, healthy litter throughout the entire growing cycle.

These machines crumble, turn and aerate the material properly, overcoming nearly all problems associated with litter, keeping it healthy and reducing smell and harmful gasses.

Well maintained litter can reduce mortality rates, increase feed conversion rates and allows producing more than one batch (multi-batching) on the same litter safely and profitably. Australian poultry growers find this produces huge savings every year, improves quality and yield, and improves the work environment by reducing dust and smells.

In fact, The RSPCA Animal Farming Scheme standards introduced in May 2014 specifically discuss the importance of well maintained litter for the health and wellbeing of poultry, and the Frantumix from TUFFASS line of poultry conditioners are the best tools available in Australia to put this into practice.

The Frantumix FL4 is our entry-level line, offering three different sizes for working litter up to a depth of 200mm.

The Frantumix FM4 is our heavy-duty, high capacity line, with models suitable for working litter up to 300mm deep. The FM4 model is also unique in its ability to process and work with cheap wheat straw litter, making a fantastic quality litter at a fraction of the price.

Designed and patented in Italy, our Frantumix from TUFFASS litter conditioners have been developed from over 10 years of experience and development with growers.

Frantumix FL4

Our entry-level poultry litter conditioner for litter up to 200mm, including shavings, rice hulls, sawdust and chips

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Frantumix FM4

A heavy duty poultry litter conditioner, up to 300mm litter depth, specifically designed to handle wheat straw litter

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